ACT Micro

Our powerful entry level machine


Thanks to the compact and robust all-in-one design of the Micro this machine is easy to handle and install. 
From installation to operational in just one day. 

Driven by Hypertherm components

To make sure there are no concessions being made in the cut quality we build the Micro with only the best Hypertherm components, Like the Hypertherm Edge Connect controller and a Powermax plasma system up till 125 amps.

Water Table

The Micro comes with a water table, but a suction table and filters are also available on request.

Data sheet

Available dimensions:1.250 x 2.500mm
 1.500 x 3.000mm
 2.000 x 4.000mm
 2.000 x 6.000mm

Can be equipped with Hypertherm:

  • Powermax45 XP
  • Powermax65
  • Powermax85
  • Powermax105
  • Powermax125
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