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ACT Machinery offers custom made, professional solutions for logistical processes, automation and maximization of machine productivity.

ACT Machinery is one of the leading manufacturers of CNC-controlled cutting systems. Due to years of experience, we develop and produce custom made, high-quality cutting machines in the Netherlands for our customers. Our machines meet the highest requirements. Through our partnership with Hypertherm, we can always offer advanced hypermodern cutting technologies that guarantee our customers high productivity.

ACT Machinery offers individual and professional advice and accompanies you right from the start with the installation or expansion of your machine.

If you are looking for a customized solution, ACT Machinery can realize the machinery that you need.

ACT Machinery is the exclusive partner of Hypertherm. For nearly 50 years, Hypertherm has focused on providing the world’s best cutting products and solutions.

Hypertherm designs and manufactures the world’s most advanced plasma systems for use in a variety of industries including shipbuilding, manufacturing and automotive repair. The company’s product line includes hand and machine plasma cutters and consumables, as well as CNC motion and height controls. Hypertherm systems are known for their fast precision, metal cutting and reliability, resulting in greater productivity and profitability for thousands of companies.

The company’s reputation goes back 50 years to 1968, when Hypertherm invented plasma cutting with water injection. The company has over 1,400 employees, regional operations and worldwide partner representation.

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