10 Common plasma cutting mistakes

A combination of fast cut speeds and low operating cost make plasma cutting one of the most productive metal cutting processes around. But there's an "if." You need to have a good operator and you need to keep your plasma system and table (if you're using a table-based system) in good shape. Another thing that really helps system performance and consumable life: avoiding common plasma cutting mistakes. Here's our list of the top 10 things to avoid.

  1. Using consumables until they "blow"
  2. Changing consumables too often
  3. Using the wrong parameters & parts for the job
  4. Assembling the torch incorrectly
  5. Neglecting routine maintenance
  6. Not checking gas and coolant flow
  7. Piercing too low
  8. Cutting too fast or too slow
  9. "Stretching" the arc
  10. Crashing the torch
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